Calico, Sheeting & Grey Cloth

Quilting isn’t just about the intricate designs and luxury fabrics that make up the exterior of your quilt. What’s also important are the plain fabrics – the calico fabric, sheeting and hard-wearing cloths that make up a craftsperson’s bread and butter. Here, you’ll find a wide range of what some may refer to as ‘the basics’. At Doughty’s, however, we see them as the essentials. And we produce them with this in mind.

Basic in style, but not in quality

It’s important that all of your fabrics are the best quality. Otherwise, how can you ensure you’re making high quality creations? But it’s even more important when it comes to the essentials. These products – such as curtain lining, sheeting and printing fabric – are made for their function. We ensure every single one of our products is made to the highest standard, so you get durability, strength and a luxury look and feel whatever you choose to make.

Covering all bases

No two projects are the same. And we understand that – at any given time – you might need something new. To ensure you’re always well equipped, we stock a range of essential products for a variety of purposes.

From standard, well-made calico and sheeting to a range of muslin, hessian and scrim fabrics – we can give you anything and everything to make your creations great. Our dyeing, painting and printing fabric is ideal for the most creative and hands-on projects, even if it’s just to experiment! And our curtain lining is perfect for adding some warmth, shape or even blackout qualities to your curtains.

Creativity minus the cost

Get creative and explore our extensive range without worrying about extortionate costs. At Doughty’s, we want to make craft materials accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer essential fabrics at completely affordable prices. Everything from our silk to our scrim is available at a great price, with occasional special deals making it all the better.

Ordering with ease

Our sheeting, lining and coarse fabrics offer incredible versatility. They’re great materials to have in your stock cupboard, and can be incorporated into a number of projects with ease. We want our ordering process to be just as easy too. That’s why we offer simple delivery options, with affordable prices depending on order value. We even offer free UK delivery on orders above £100.

Already know what you need? Find the fabrics that suit your project. If not, don’t worry! We’ve got many different options available from hessian to silks that are easy to navigate. You can make your decision in no time and get started on lining your homemade curtains or dyeing fabric for your latest creative masterpiece. Don’t forget to measure up and make sure you know exactly how much material you need. Whether it's calico fabric or muslin, the versatility of the fabrics available and the wide range on offer means you have plenty of choice.