Basics/Grey Cloth

We love basics and grey cloth fabric. Although they might appear simplistic, their versatility provides many options that will allow you to explore many different ideas. If you've got the enthusiasm and creative eye, then get stuck in!

Already know what you need? Find the Basics or Grey Cloths that suit your project. If not, fear not! We’ve got many different options available from hessian to silks that are easy to navigate so you can make your decision in no time and get started on lining your homemade curtains or dyeing fabric for your latest creative masterpiece. Don’t forget to measure up and make sure you know exactly how much material you need. Whether it's calico or muslin, the versatility of the fabrics available and the wide range on offer means you have plenty of choice.

Get creative and explore our extensive range below with everything from curtain lining to dyeing, printing and painting fabric.