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Hamil Textiles - World Of Susybee Panel 6

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Hamil Textiles - World Of Susybee Jungle All Over Panel 6
35" x 44"
100% cotton

'Once upon a time (at the exact moment Paul Henderson scored the
winning goal for team Canada in the 1972 ‘Summit Series’)
a freckled baby girl burst into the world,
determined to make her mark in some way. That was me!

I spent years and years doodling — on every surface and not always
very well. I faced ample rejection (no, I didn’t get in to art school)
and numerous setbacks (I was told I’d never be a ‘professional’ artist)
along the way, but I slowly discovered the wonderful world of Susybee
living in my imagination and things have never been the same. One by
one each of these silly and loveable characters came to life, and
together we’ve been painting the world with smiles.' - Susybee.
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