Blender Fabrics

Extravagant patterns are great – and at Doughty’s we have them in abundance. But what’s also important for your quilting project is blender fabric. As any quilting expert will tell you, blend fabrics are essential to give your quilt a balanced design. Much like any other area of design, too many energetic patterns can create a crowded, messy look. When you have chosen your main quilting fabrics, you need to choose a blender fabric, or a few, to tone it down. So how do you decide?

You want your blend fabrics to “blend” with the focus fabrics. If, for instance, you are using a patterned fabric with vibrant warm colours, you want something quite similar, but not the same. A pastel pink, or soft red solid colour is best. Whatever you’re looking for, our selection of blend fabrics is sure to have exactly what you need.