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Japanese Prints by Sevenberry & Lecien

Our Japanese quilting fabric by Sevenberry & Lecien rely on tasteful repetition in their patterns, and are a beautiful embellishment to any room, however you choose to use them. With deep, rich colours and the utmost in quality, the prints are 100% authentic Japanese, printed precisely and beautifully every time.

Each fabric is 44" wide, which make them a cost effective means of sprucing up rooms or individual items, including clothing and accessories. These fabrics will set you and your work apart from the rest: effortlessly chic, contemporary and interesting, they are a perfect choice for a very wide range of projects.

Few have mastered the realm of aesthetics as the Japanese have throughout history, and their theories have been emulated and adopted for centuries. Our Japanese prints by Cosmo & Sevenberry allow you to work this into your own home, look or project.