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Makower & Andover Fabrics

Makower blender fabrics are market-leading, and we have a very wide range available at Doughty's in a variety of styles. Sumptuous colourways and designs printed on superior quality cloth characterise the Makower Dimple and Makower Spray Time ranges, and the lines that we stock are each 100% cotton and a convenient 44" wide.

These striking collections are the ideal foundations for any craft project, while the Heartwood Songbird and Serenity ranges add a touch of country chic to home furnishings. Seasonal projects also get the Makower touch with their Scandi Christmas range, which offers on-trend beautiful motifs. Meanwhile, floral, rustic and modern prints add character to year-round quilting and patchwork projects. There are even Downton Abbey-inspired designs that are great for adding that touch of class to your home, and fun pirate patterns for redecorating children's rooms.

With an array of categories, colours and ideas, our Makower range is the perfect place to begin when starting any craft project, providing a great set of themes to work from.