Plain Cotton Fabrics

A plain cotton fabric is sometimes all that it takes to enliven a room, and our selection of over 100 colours has you spoilt for choice. 100% cotton and 44" wide, they are each of the utmost in quality, and are cut perfectly - all you need to do is order your colours and get on with your project!

With plain yellows, orange and reds, pinks, lilac and purples, blues, greens, browns and neutrals available, the choices on offer here are perfect for a range of ideas, whether that is quilting or not. You can simplify a space with a modest, neutral colour, or enliven it with a bright, vibrant orange, pink or yellow. A mint green accent cools a room, while a fiery red block can ramp it up a notch. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that the fabric is durable and soft in equal measure.