Purse Friendly Prints - 100% Cotton Fabrics

At Doughty's we don't think that projects should have to be put on on hold or (heaven forbid) cancelled altogether due to costs stacking up. Unfortunately, larger projects can come with prohibitive price tags, and that's why we've put together a collection of beautiful, jaunty designs and fabrics that won't break the bank. At the usual 44" width and 100% cotton, they do not compromise on their quality, and will provide you with excellent durability and a beautifully soft feel.

With many designs in our novelty, spotted, plain and floral sub-sections, there is something for everyone in our Purse-Friendly section, whether you are making a quilt or pillowcase, or getting creative with accessories. Kids are catered for in bright, eye-catching designs, and our plain pinks and lilacs will provide elegant accents and bold colour blocking in a room. Keep on budget and on trend with our Purse Friendly Prints.