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Soft & Natural 120" Wide

  • £15.99
  • / Metre

120" Wide Needlepunched 100% cotton batting

We've selected the highest quality cotton fibers grown in the US make up Soft & Natural. The natural cotton fiber is cleaned mechanically in our facility and like all Warm battings without the use of chemicals. It is gently needlepunched into itself without using a scrim creating a stable and highly anticipated pure cotton batting with stability.

Thousands of long barbed needles entangle the cotton fiber into an evenly layered strong batting. Ideal for hand quilting and for quilters that need pure cotton, Soft & Natural offers consistent loft and is so soft to the touch with a pliable hand. Quilt up to 6" apart and wash in warm water for that antique finished look. Machine and hand quilt with ease. This is your Grandmother's quilt batting!

  • Manufacturer
    The Warm Company
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