When you're making a quilt, finding the correct wadding is essential to its success. Though it is perhaps not the most fun purchase for the project (we have a very wide range of beautiful quilting fabrics that take that mantle), it is a very important one: providing the warmth, durability and essential snugness of a given quilt.

We have special sections for quilt wadding, 3 metre wadding deals, whole bolt deals, pack priced wadding and Steam-a-Seam, BondaWeb and other craft manufacturers, making your wadding purchases a walk in the park: simply enter the correct section and choose the wadding that suits you.

Ensuring that you have the correct amount of wadding is essential to the success of the project: too much makes a quilt that is too heavy and hot, while too little makes it cold, limp and lifeless. With some research, however, you can make the perfect quilt for your needs or project.