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Wadding might not be the most fun purchase for your project, but it’s certainly a very important one. Admittedly, our wide range of beautiful quilting fabrics is more exciting and inspiring to browse. But if you’re making a quilt, finding the correct wadding fabric is essential to its success. Why? It provides the warmth, durability and essential snugness of any given quilt. Even if you’re making a lightweight summer quilt, wadding is essential to provide a proper shape and structure.

To ensure you get this important aspect right, we have several special wadding categories. Quilt wadding, 3 metre wadding deals, whole bolt deals, pack priced wadding and Steam-a-Seam, BondaWeb and other craft manufacturers – we’ve got it all. It’s sure to make your wadding purchases a walk in the park. Simply enter the correct section and choose the wadding that suits you.


Whatever fabric you choose for your quilt, you need it to be a good quality. And the same goes for wadding. Poor quality wadding will result in a quilt that is out of shape and not at all long lasting. But at Doughty’s, we’re passionate about quilting. It’s our hobby as well as yours. That’s why we stock a range of high quality wadding, sure to make your quilts look great, feel perfect and stand the test of time.

Catering for all needs

We stock a wide range of wadding, covering all different types and sizes. Firstly, this means you can get any type of wadding you need. Whether you’re looking for extra insulation, lightweight wadding or even fusible wadding, we can supply. Our bondaweb and steam a seam options make it simply to fuse fabrics together, while options like freezer paper offer a simple alternative to wadding when you need to hold fabrics in place.

But our range of sizes also means we can offer superb value. You need your wadding to be high quality, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost the world. Our selection of 3 metre and bolt deals for bulk wadding allows you to buy in larger quantities and save money with cheap wadding as a result. Only need a small amount? That’s no problem. Our pack-priced and by-the-metre wadding deals are completely affordable too.

Measure up

Ensuring that you have the correct amount of wadding is essential to the success of the project. Too much makes a quilt that is too heavy and hot, while too little makes it cold, limp and lifeless. With some research, however, you can make the perfect quilt for your needs or project.

Once you’ve selected your ideal type, size and quantity, you can order with ease. Our quick and easy ordering system makes payment simple, with a range of affordable delivery options including free UK delivery on orders over £100. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our high-quality wadding and find what you need.